You Are Here (2019)

You Are Here, a research with Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth, resulting in a video (HD, 15′, 2019), booklet and follow-up proposal.

You Are Here (2019)
HD 15’

In the time that the measure of presence is not closeness, where should my body be?
In the time that the measure of closeness is not touch, how do we meet?

Performers Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth investigate topics of absence, the space in-between and interpersonal fictions. Under the constraint to never physically meet.
You Are Here shows moments of the two performers in the same space (a former shop window in Amsterdam), however never meeting at the same time. Videomaker Ester Eva Damen is the first witness of their process:

I have documented several moments of Sabrina and Ilana’s ongoing research. Editing the material posed problems (’How to show absence’) and offered possibilities for the development of parallel story-lines.

‘Ilana and Sabrina: We share a repertory of material and immaterial traces of each others’ absences. We explore how the traces of another’s absence create a fictional body. Through this process, we transform the same place, at different times, into an ever-changing space arranging and rearranging objects, materials and bodies but never actually meeting. This project has been a year long artistic research and has manifested into performative installations, a booklet and a live dance performance.